Ballycroy National Park

On the wild west coast of Ireland in beautiful scenery this visitor centre is a gateway to the national park. The existing exhibition has been in for a number of years and was due a refresh. We added some new interactive exhibits and repaired and enhanced some of the existing exhibits.

Interactives at ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo is one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions and they like keep the visitor experience fresh. We have added hands on interactive exhibits to enhance the visitor experience at various new animal enclosures.

The ranger’s hut is themed like a real hut deep in the Indian jungle. See how the rangers are trained then test yourself answering the lion hotline.

Are you stronger than a tiger or smarter then a lemur? Some simpler temporary exhibits designed to be fun to use, robust but easy to pack away.

Pirates, the exhibition

Pirates, the exhibition

An exhibition based around the Aardman Animations film ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists’. The exhibition is filled with wonderful models and set work from the Aardman film. We designed, built and installed a number of the hands on interactives including a pirate ship driving game and some zoetropes where visitors can create their own animations. The exhibits where designed and built to match the ramshackle Victorian construction style of the Pirate Captain’s ship but still be robust enough for a life of hard use. The exhibition was initially installed in Thinktank in Birmingham but will be touring around the world.

Soil model

Built for The British Society of Soil Science to take on tour with them. Loosely based on the design I created for the Chelsea Flower Show, this interactive allows the visitor to crawl through the rabbit hole and see what lies beyond. This simple interactive can be easily dismantled to travel and reassembled for use. Inside you will find a detailed and tactile model of the soil structure with various inhabitants lurking within.

Festival of Nature

The Festival of nature is an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country and inviting them to have fun while learning about all things nature. We have designed and built several models to help explain and engage in the science behind the nature. An interactive flood map of the local area, operate the pump and watch the water rise. More water but this time a working model of the human bladder and kidneys.

Landguard Visitor Centre

Landguard Visitor Centre

The Landguard Visitor Centre is a new visitor centre focusing on the five attractions on Landguard Peninsula. It is packed with information about the Port of Felixstowe, Landguard fort and museum, the nature reserve and the bird observatory. We worked for WWT Consulting , who developed the content, we designed, built and installed a range of interactive exhibits and graphics. The whole exhibition was created to a very tight budget but still manages to vibrantly fill the space and engage visitors at this popular visitor centre

DNA Builder

First built as part of Glasgow Science Centres exciting new Body Works exhibition. A giant Sculpture of the iconic DNA helix sits in the middle of the table with interactive stations around the outside. Visitors can build their own short sequence of DNA which will naturally form the classic double helix shape as they build. We have since made several more of these for various science centres around the world including the world’s largest museum.

Jim Al-Khalili uses the DNA builder model in The Secrets of Quantum Physics

The DNA Builder model found its way onto BBC4 in Jim Al-Khalili’s seriesThe Secrets of Quantum Physics

The DNA Builder model found its way onto BBC4 in Jim Al-Khalili's series "The Secrets of Quantum Physics"


Microbiology at the Chelsea Flower Show

An exhibition stand at the Chelsea Flower Show all about the action of microbes in the soil and their positive benefits to gardeners and food producers. Planting is at head height so that visitors feel they are in the soil where all the action happens. Microscopes and root samples let visitors get hands on with the microbiology. Animations on interactive screens show the complex processes in an understandable and interesting way.

The Royal Horticultural Society awarded the stand a silver gilt medal.

Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre

Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre

A purpose built visitor centre in Tralee, Co. Kerry. Designed to be hub for tourists to introduce them to the wildlife delights of the region, this visitor centre opened in May 2012. There is an interactive bird hide to allow you get a great view of the local wildlife… even out of season. Touchscreen computer consoles are filled with fascinating information and offer a range of languages to the international visitors. There is an immersive film and lots of hands-om interaction. The whole space is filled with vibrant graphics and shapes to really bring the local wildlife to life. Recycled and sustainably sourced materials where used throughout the exhibition

Working for WWT Consulting, who developed the site from the concept plan through to installation, we designed and built a wide range of interactive exhibits, graphics and setwork.

Science Oxford Refresh

When Science Oxford decided that some of their exhibits weren’t working as well as they liked I was called in to refresh the exhibition. Some exhibits had never really worked as well as they could and others just needed tweaking and tidying and there was even a little bit of budget left for something new.