W19 Design - Interactive exhibit and exhibition design - Fabrication

For creating bespoke interactives exhibit design and exhibit fabrication go hand in hand. To create something robust enough for a public space yet still engaging and easy to use the fabricator needs to understand exhibition design. We keep as much fabrication in-house as possible and have a team of experienced manufacturers and suppliers on hand that we work very closely with.

For production we have a small but well equipped workshop and a network of local suppliers. This capability allows us to monitor progress and quality and make small adjustments where required with minimum fuss and wasted time. Having the on-site workshop and a range of fabrication options locally allows us to use specialists in each field keeping costs down while maintaining first rate quality control.

Safety is very important so all exhibits and interactives are designed and built to be as safe as possible using our vast experience of the hard life that hands on exhibits lead. Inherent dangers are designed out then finished exhibits and interactives are thoroughly checked and can be supplied with safety documentation. All electrical worked is carried out and tested by trained professionals and extra safe components used where possible.

Exhibit Fabrication

Exhibit Protoyping

As well as fabrication of finished exhibits we can build prototype exhibits. If you have an idea you want try out or evaluate we can build you a working prototype so you can quickly test concepts either on yourself or on the public. An exhibit prototype can be a simple mock-up to test out the principle or something a bit more robust that can be taken out into the exhibition.