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Show Props

For live science shows and demos it is great to have some good quality show props. These need to be robust enough for frequent use and rough handling but still easy to use, reliable and safe. We can build show props to your designs or refine your ideas and create a whole new design.

Safety is very important so all show props are designed and built to be as safe as possible for all potential users. Inherent dangers are designed out then finished show props are thoroughly checked and can be supplied with safety documentation including a risk assessment. All electrical worked is carried out and tested by trained professionals and extra safe components used where possible.

From a hand held wing shape for use in shows about flight to a hydrogen powered ping pong ball launcher. The wing is very light and uses similar construction methods to a real aeroplane wing. Users place their arm inside the wing and hold it in front of a powerful fan. They can tilt and twist it to feel the forces. For a bit more noise electrolise hydrogen and oxygen from water, then ignite it to launch a ball. Hands on science complete with explosions! Whatever your demonstration get in touch and see what we can do to help.